TTI Floor Care

Work at TTI Floor Care in 2012-2013 for the Hoover® and DirtDevil® brands.

The Hoover® FloorMate® and Max Extract® promotional DRTV companion sites went live in early 2013 along with the televised adverts. The sites had to manage both end-user web traffic in response, as well as all sales orders made via the call center's direct response line. 
The Hoover® E-Commerce site underwent extensive front-end modifications from 2012-2013. Modifications included a complete redesign for new branding guidelines, as well as a redesigned shopping cart and checkout experience. My contributions were to provide the implementation of Adobe® SiteCatalyst® analytics for the site, as well as the implementation for a new search system, powered by Adobe® Search&Promote.
An administration panel was also created for managing the DirtDevil® Facebook and DirtDevil® home pages' promotional banners. The DirtDevil® site's front-end received some attention as well, but as it was preparing for a redesign, I could only complete the Adobe® Search&Promote and Adobe® SiteCatalyst® implementaitons with the then-present interface.
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